H-1B Frequently Asked Questions

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A:In order to to qualify for the H-1B Visa Program, you must enroll in the Fast Track Program.
A:No. IAAT-Tech is directly associated with many U.S.A. based companies that routinely hire international candidates to work on projects in the United States. IAAT-Tech will endorse and refer all professionals who enroll in the Fast Track Program to our U.S.A. affiliates for possible sponsorship in the USCIS H-1B random lottery process for Year 2017.
A:Payment for the Fast Track Program can be made by a bank wire transfer to the bank account of IAAT Tech.
A:No. All fees and costs associated with the filing of any H-1B Visa Petition is paid by the U.S.A. sponsoring company.
A:Yes, by appointment only.

A:Please bring with you an updated copy of your Resume.